Hey, I'm Akshay

I am a front-end developer & a javascript enthusiast, working as a core front-end engineer @Facilio. I explore and occasionally write about front-end build tools, frameworks and design systems.

Recent Posts

Switching to UnoCSS 🌈

Learn why I switched my blog from Tailwind to UnoCSS and how it impacted performance. Also learn on how to configure unocss with nextjs.

CssFrameworkCss EngineAtomic Css

6 min read

Oct 30, 2022

Top 5 javascript frameworks in 2022

I built the same app using five different frameworks, which one is the best ? Learn more about it in this post.

JavascriptFrameworkWeb Performance

6 min read

July 10, 2022

Rust in Javascript ⚒️

Is Rust the future of javascript ? Learn more about it and also learn about the tools (like swc and deno) that are using rust, in this blog.


5 min read

Apr 20, 2022


Palette Design System

Palette is light-weight design system and minimal component library for react.

Reactor gen

Reactor-gen is a cli tool which helps in adding the required templates for redux and react-router-dom while initialising a react project

Custom ESLint Plugin

Eslint Plugin ak is a custom eslint plugin where users can add new rules

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